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Metatarsus correction
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Check here the timing of orders and shipping.

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- LUCK professional line.

- LUCK GENIUS is made entirely in Spain.

- LUCK offers you a new design tool. Customize your shoes with your name, logo,…The only limit is your imagination.

- Presented as the definitive shoe for the best possible fit to the shape of each cyclist’s feet


- New SHD carbon fibre sole with studs made from natural rubber obtained from tree resin (not derived from oil).

- The studs are produced via a process of ecological extraction of natural rubber from trees from the Hevea family, so promoting local development, reducing environmental impact and giving the cyclist more comfortable contact and greater traction.

- AIR SOLE STREAM® ventilation system.

- Designed entirely with selected microfibres of the highest quality.

- Made out of a single piece with no seams so to ensure the best possible adaptation to the foot.

- ON STEAM® 100% breathable lining with silver ions treatment with antibacterial, anti-static and healing properties.

- Anatomical insole with ON STEAM® 100% breathable lining with silver ions treatment.

- New design of back aimed at enhanced ankle support.

- Double ATOP reel-knob lacing system.

Customization Fitting System
Customization uDesign
Model Genius
Gender Man

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