Artix road shoes

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SIZE: 37-48

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Metatarsus correction

The ARTICO winter shoes with a Sion-Tex membrane protect you from the elements so that you are always warm and dry.

Made entirely in Spain.

AIR SOLE STREAM® ventilation system.

New SHD carbon fibre sole with studs made from natural rubber (not derived from oil).

The studs are produced via a process of ecological extraction of natural rubber from trees from the Hevea family, so promoting local development, reducing environmental impact and giving the cyclist more comfortable contact and greater traction.

Possibility of inserting studs for the softest surfaces.

They are extremely comfortable in the most adverse conditions (-10°+15°C).

Designed to be made with a single piece of leather and no internal seams.

Impermeable thanks to an inner Sion-Tex sock.

New internal structure CARBIN. Anatomical adjustment of the foot thanks to its surrounding fabric.

Anatomical insole with OZONE® 100% breathable lining with silver ions treatment.

Lycra neck for the most difficult conditions.

Warm due to the different layers of materials such as:

• Thinsulate

• On-Tex

Rubber protection over the whole shoe to make it more resistant.

New design of back aimed at enhanced ankle support.

Double ATOP reel-knob lacing system.

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Artix road shoes

Artix road shoes

SIZE: 37-48