¡¡Atención!! Estaremos cerrados por vacaciones del 5 al 25 de agosto, todos los pedidos realizados en esa fecha se servirán a posteriori, teniendo en cuenta el tiempo de producción habitual.

Watch out!! We will be closed from 5th until 25th august, all the orders done in that date will be shipped not before first week of september.

Payment Methods


You can pay with Visa or MasterCard credit cards through red 4B. You will be asked, in addition to the card number and expiry date, for a 4-digit personal identification. This is exclusive information for Internet transactions and which identifies you as the owner of the card. Thus if the card is stolen or someone copies your number and expiry date they will not be able to make purchases on the Internet without said number.


You may also pay through Paypal, a free service for consumers which enables you to make all on-line purchases from a single account with the maximum security.

If you do not know this way of payment you can find more information and create an account at the website web de Paypal

Payment Methods